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Tax consultancy

Our solutions - individual and precise

The correct assessment of tax implications has an increasingly significant influence on your business decisions. "Managing taxes correctly with foresight" - Our team of generalists and specialists will be happy to support you in your decisions and work with you to develop customized tax-optimized solutions.

Our consulting fields are diverse and are aimed at individuals or legal entities, SMEs as well as (internationally) active groups:
  • Preparation of annual financial statements including tax returns
  • Income and expenditure statements
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Optimization of the determination of profits
  • (International) tax planning and structuring
  • Optimization of corporate structure
  • Support with reorganizations and mergers & acquisitions
  • Execution of tax and financial due diligence
  • Consulting for private foundations and associations
  • Questions of taxation in the case of leases
  • Questions of social security law
  • Support in tax office audits, official procedures and financial penal proceedings
  • Reorganization consulting
  • Advice on fees, transfer taxes, gambling levies and gift declarations
  • Advice in matters of state taxes

Financial Criminal Law

The law firm Standfest is both a law firm and a tax consulting firm. Prior to his work as a lawyer, Mr. Standfest worked for the Ministry of Finance for several years. For these reasons, we know exactly what makes the tax authorities tick.

Criminal tax proceedings are a special focus of our law firm and we are confident that we can offer you the best possible advice in this area.

Criminal tax proceedings are no longer just a matter for chronic tax evaders with prominent names, risk-taking innkeepers and construction companies. All sectors of the economy can be affected. The number of tax audits and criminal tax proceedings has increased significantly in recent years.

Should you also find yourself in such a situation, you have certainly come to the right address.

Accounting / Payroll Accounting

The basis of the figures required for the management of a company is the bookkeeping.

An essential part of optimal accounting is the orderly recording of all business transactions, which enables cost planning and short-term control of the success of your company. It provides an overview of the development of your income and expenses.

Adapted to the specific needs of your company, we organize your accounting. Whether you are an income and expenditure accountant or a balance sheet entrepreneur: we create the basis for ongoing controls and planning, i.e. for the management of your company.

If you want to do some or all of your accounting yourself, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of an appropriate In addition, we inform you about the requirements of tax and duty law and about their changes.

Our range of services:

  • Organization of accounting
  • Recording of current business transactions with the most modern EDP programs: BMD/NTCS, RZL, DATEV
  • Ongoing reconciliation of accounts, OP lists, etc.
  • Preparation of the UVA including remittance slip in the desired form
  • Takeover of the dunning process
  • Organization and execution of payment transactions
  • You can also send us your receipts scanned, as we want to enable you to work paperless
  • Training of your accounting staff

Annual financial statement including tax return

The annual financial statement should first and foremost comply with the legal requirements of tax and corporate law. However, it should also serve you as a business management tool that provides you with a better basis for decision-making.

On the basis of balance sheet/result analyses, target-oriented measures can be developed and promising potentials in your company can be identified, which will help to secure your competitive advantage.

In addition to documenting your performance, the annual financial statements also provide an optimal basis for a good rating with your house bank.

Voluntary annual audits and auditor's review

Although there is no legal obligation to have the annual financial statements audited, the owners themselves often wish to have them audited by an independent expert in order to obtain greater certainty regarding the accuracy of the presentation of their company's net assets, financial position and results of operations.

Depending on the scope and weight of the auditor's confirmation, one speaks either of a voluntary annual audit or of an auditor's review.

In the case of voluntary annual audits, the same strict national and international guidelines are generally to be applied with regard to the procedure. As with statutory audits, the result of the audit is summarized in an auditor's report.

In the case of a so-called auditor's review, also known as a review, the demands on the depth and scope of the audit procedures are lower. The auditor's overall statement is not formulated as an audit opinion and therefore carries less weight.

Business consulting

Costing, planning, cost accounting

  • Cost accounting, costing, contribution margin accounting, profit center accounting
  • Reporting, controlling
  • Organization of invoicing and dunning
  • Investment calculation and financing
  • Planning, budgeting

Business management consulting does not mean know-it-all attitude, but rather support for the entrepreneur, who is often under a lot of time pressure, in the conception and implementation of a project and in the ongoing management of the company. At the same time, ideas brought in by the consultant are also appreciated, all the more so if they can be implemented in a practicable manner, if possible by the company's own employees.

Raising and clarifying important questions: It is often important simply to ask the right questions at the right time, such as: How can liquidity be improved? Is the customer dunning process clearly structured and is there an appreciative but stringent tact? What about the down payment policy in the company? Where is money being earned, where not? Is the contribution margin per product, per service, per customer, per employee known? Which opportunities for action arise, which are set by whom and when and how? What is the minimum turnover required for an investment, a business line, etc. to pay off? Does the current pricing policy make sense? How does customer behavior change with changes?

Legal form design

The right legal form for your company

The legal form of a company, once chosen, does not have to be suitable in every phase of the company's development. Changes within your company as well as changes in ownership may make it necessary to adapt the legal form of your company. We are at your side with comprehensive reorganization advice and work with you to develop an optimal, detailed and tax-friendly implementation.

We take care of your successful reorganization

Together with you, our experts will work out various reorganization scenarios concerning cost optimization, liabilities, taxes, social insurances and much more.

Get in touch with us - we will be happy to advise you!

Management Consulting

Flexibility, solution orientation and an open ear

Our clients say that it is particularly important to them that we have extensive experience in each of our consulting areas and that the experience gained in one area of expertise is incorporated into the other areas.

This is what we understand by our comprehensive consulting activities.

Therefore, the methods or the concrete services in accounting, tax consulting and management consulting are the respective tools that we use to provide precise consulting.

We compare this to the activity of a craftsman who uses a hammer, a saw or another tool as needed - with the right texture in each case. And if the activity requires a different expertise than ours, we know which external partners have the appropriate solution capabilities.

Our services at a glance:

  • Start-ups & Business Creation
  • Company & organization analyses
  • Introduction of cost accounting systems
  • Controlling & reporting
  • Bank negotiations & financing consulting
  • Restructuring & Return Management
  • Business valuation
  • Expert opinion & expert witness
  • Company transfers
  • Balance sheet analyses


Anyone who sets up their own business today - whether as a tradesman, artist or freelancer - has to consider a wide range of tax and financial aspects. It does not matter to us what your business start-up looks like. We also advise you on unusual business ideas.

We support you with:

  • business start-up grants
  • the development of a business plan
  • the choice of legal form
  • the protection of existing assets


Are you looking for an experienced tax consultant for your practice who can reliably prepare accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns, take care of your payroll accounting and, of course, provide you with competent and committed advice?

Then you have come to the right place. We already serve a large number of physicians and health care professionals and therefore have a lot of experience with the special requirements of your profession and use the interfaces of various accounting systems very efficiently.

As a specialized tax consulting firm, we will be happy to provide you with tax advice on the purchase of a practice, prepare a practice comparison, or support you in the sale of a practice.


Are you looking for an experienced tax consultant for your law firm who can reliably prepare accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns, take care of your payroll accounting and, of course, provide you with competent and committed advice?

Then you have come to the right place. Since we are also a law firm ourselves and serve a large number of lawyers, we have a lot of experience with the special requirements of your/our profession.

As a tax consulting firm as well as a law firm, we will be happy to provide you with tax advice on the purchase of a law firm, prepare a comparison of law firms, or support you in the sale of a law firm.

Renting & Leasing

Landlords also have to pay tax on their rental income. The question therefore arises as to how costs can be saved here from a tax perspective. This already starts with the purchase of the real estate. If you act skilfully, you can reclaim one or two euros from the tax authorities.

Your tax advisor will be happy to help you with these and many other tax issues relating to private and commercial leasing. In this way, serious mistakes can be avoided and you will be on the safe side in terms of tax law.

Building & ancillary building trades

We advise property developers, construction companies and tradesmen from almost all sectors. These include carpenters, heating / sanitary installation companies, painters, glaziers, gardeners, as well as timber house builders, interior decorators, carpenters and all-round craftsmen of various sizes and legal forms.

We offer our handicraft and construction companies a specialized consulting service in addition to the entire service portfolio of payroll and financial accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements, according to commercial law and tax law!

As a craftsman or managing director of a property development or construction company, you ensure that your customers are always fully satisfied with your services, "your craft"; among other things, this means avoiding warranty claims and complaints. This requires a lot of time and energy.

Therefore, the business management control of the essential company figures, questions about the development of your assets or e.g. the personal life and pension planning often comes too short.

The fulfillment of tax obligations robs you of valuable time and often the chance to take care of really important professional as well as private issues.

Therefore, rely on the Standfest tax consulting firm to fulfill these obligations!